During these

During these Then teams change roles.

f rukm oho іі ї cad The stock is absent.

Number of players .

I I Choose vodyashchegr.

All participants of game undertake for The I hands also become in a circle in which is the driving.

It begins game with words the unripe pear Hangs, About it it is impossible to eat.

As will ripen will fall.

During these words participants have to run across Crewe gu.

As soon as the last word, players is said have to sit down immediately on hunkers.

jxj Governed The leader can start reading a rhyme with on Chala, without having finished speaking him up to the end.

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And Play

And Play Z and the caught royal couple the th ball fishing, for the prince or the princess points, About for the peasant points.

The l can be wound only open palm, without helping fingers.

And Play in advance stipulated number of times.

Winner there is the one who scored more points.

I P about d in both N y e and r yo t and I d r and to about N and j a with about y with and v e N of N l m x in about with sh about m And nventar about tsutstvut.

Number of players the bolsh e, the luchsh e.

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The kid is not pleasant

The kid is not pleasant !

The stranger the child does not happen It is a pity, adults do not understand The stranger the child does not happen, Same it, as well as native, Rascal cheerful, naughty.

He is also teased, laughs, He also sometimes fights, He poses mugs sometimes, Same little hero.

But always forgive the, Sins of the stranger are noticed.

The kid is not pleasant the stranger!

How to cope with this trouble?

It is necessary to remember that on light The country is these are our children.

Inhabitants live in it ridiculous, For adults all of them native.

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Children The order If playing even number, game includes sya and tutor.

It is necessary to watch that children did not run couple mi, and found on a signal a tag of identical color.

By means of this game the tutor develops at ty ability to carry out the movements on a signal by the word, quickly to be under construction in couples.

Children practise in run, in recognition of flowers.

Game develops an initiative, ingenuity.

Whose column link will gather rather Description of game Children share on groups with identical number the playing; they are given tags of three four flowers.

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I did not manage

I did not manage At the end of the month all minuses will be you to be read from a salary of parents.

I did not manage to tell you, Vanechka that the adjuster came also installed at us the device according to the accounting of good deeds shivering by voice mother reported and then asked I did not understand concerning money.

Why at me will subtract four hundred rubles?

The boy became covered cold then and woke up.

Mother was above it and spoke The sonny, wake up.

You want tea with pie?

You so is tired that fell asleep sitting.

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